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OddMadland  is a new home for shortform speculative fiction. We publish one story on the 15th of every month—contemplative, entertaining, contemporary horror and sci-fi that will count goose-bump-for-goose-bump with the best online fiction magazine writing and major publishing houses around the world today. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

If you’re a writer or designer and you think you’ve got an idea that’s right for us, check out our pitching guidelines right here, and send us your best! Make us a bi-monthly with your hosted contributions. You can get in touch at oddmadland@gmail.com

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 creative director

brandon       T    E    I     G     L    A    N    D

Brandon Profile on OM 4

associate editor

avery        D    O    W    N    E    Y

Avery Profile




visual designer

Shaela        K    I    N    T    I    N    G

Something Moving Below the Skin of the World




avery        D    O    W    N    E    Y

A Dream that Walks Beside Me


visual designer

Khlood        A    L    L    U    H    A    I    B

A Dance of Marks in the Dust